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Mind, body, spirit healing

The Body Code is a system designed by Dr. Bradley Nelson which tests for energetic imbalances in the body, and corrects them energetically.  We use muscle testing to test for what the underlying imbalance may be, and release the energies from the meridian system. You can choose to work on any issue you have, whether it is a health challenge, an emotional issue, lack of abundance or work you love, or a nagging feeling of being on the wrong path.

Everything has energetic underpinnings. Your own subconscious mind is brilliant, and will lead us on the right path to clearing (sometimes very surprising) obstacles, and most people feel lighter and clearer, and often there are new outward shifts naturally occurring in their lives. We are clearing the hidden energies that cause the outward effects.

These meetings will be by zoom or skype, so that we can see each other by camera.  After you say what you want to work on, I will ask your subconscious, using muscle testing, and we will find energetic imbalances, and clear them one by one.

This package bundle consists of five 45 min- 1hr sessions where we address any underlying imbalances using the charts in the Body Code to arrive at Mind-Body-Spirit balance. 

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