Working with Naweia has been a huge game changer in my life. A year and a half ago I was hit with a concussion & a year following I was so frustrated because I couldn't find a way to fully heal. I struggled with fatigue, headaches and the ability to handle the stress of regular, everyday tasks - physically and emotionally. During my first session with Naweia - I felt my body melt into comfort. I instantly felt better and at ease. And as I continued to do sessions with her, I could immediately feel improvements in my physical and emotional health. I can say, that finding Naweia was an answer to my prayer, when I was beginning to think my brain would never fully heal. Because of Naweia’s gifts and abilities, I’ve experienced this miracle of mind/body/spirit healing & feel like my old self again - Happy, healthy, energetic and full of life. :) 


I had a feeling deep down I knew I needed it, and even though the method seems too simple to be true, it is better than years of emotionally painful therapy. Somehow over our calls I could feel my neck loosening up, and since beginning our sessions I have regained almost full use of a partially immobile shoulder. More subjectively, I think I can handle stress better, and am better able to say no.


When I met Naweia, I needed to find clarity in the situations I was facing. I felt confused and lost. This past year I moved to a new place with high hopes for great opportunities and a new start. The place of my dreams, Hawaii!  Unfortunately after months of trying to find comfort in this new place with no success, I became overwhelmed, depressed and resentful. I decided to go back home to ——— to sort out what I was feeling and to take a step back from my little bubble. In my time away, I remembered how in touch with my body and my energy I used to be. Even if I had a bad day or a negative encounter with someone, I went home at night happy about everything else that went right.  I started to question where I lost that awareness, and what I could do to regain that peace within once again. I was at home for about a month and I reluctantly came back to Hawaii for one last effort to make my life work there. I met Naweia and we started energy work almost right away.

I had no previous experience with this type of work but I had been experienced in reiki, so I knew if it were anywhere near as powerful as reiki that I would benefit. She begins her first treatment one late evening. I felt so much energy in my body, in my head and chest. I felt calm and comfortable, unaware of the changes that were occurring. The next morning, I arose from an amazing nights sleep after suffering from insomnia, and discomfort from a recently dislocated shoulder for the previous month. I had an enormously different energy level then I had become accustomed to. I felt awake, refreshed and lighter as I went about my day. Each and every session has lifted more and more from my body, physically, emotionally, even dealing with deep traumas. Shortly after starting my sessions with Naweia, I was hired for a new job here in Hawaii, I’ve made many new inspiring connections, I’ve had divine encounters in my meditations, and I have an overall sense of content and truth in my life. I feel like a cloud of static has been lifted from my vision and I can find clarity in my thoughts and actions. I am very grateful for her gift, her light and her angelic presence in my life.


My relationship with my dad had been difficult for as long as I can remember. I love him, but I could barely stand to be in the same room as him without leaving in tears. In my first session with Naweia she identified many of the emotions I held within myself as related to my dad, though I didn’t need to expound as we cleared them out. I knew I was hesitant to begin healing such a deep rooted issue. I had some pretty wicked dreams the night after that first session, reliving moments of my childhood, with my dad, where I understood the exact moments my insecurities started. Some of those dreams were when I was 8 years old. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the first step towards making peace with my dad, and with myself. Fast forward to my next session with Naweia where I told her about these crazy things that were happening and instead of running away from them like I normally would have, we delved deeper. Session after session, we slowly unraveled all of my negative memories and began to replace them with nourishing and loving emotions. From the beginning, I told Naweia I wanted a secure and loving relationship with my dad. I wanted to love him for who he is, and not just because he’s my dad. I wanted to simply be able to hold a conversation with him. To hug him. To make him laugh and let him make me laugh without feeling annoyed. To cry with/to him when things are hard, instead of hiding away from him. The other day, my dad and I had the most meaningful, deep, genuine and honest two hour conversation with ZERO yelling and crying. For the first time in my life. I feel whole again. I never thought I could have this relationship with my dad, but here I am - 3 months after with my first session with Naweia - and we go on daily walks together, cry with each other after unexpected deaths, talk about our dreams (which i was always petrified to share with him), call him just to say ‘hope you have a good day dad! love you!’, and many many more things which I now cherish.


I always struggled in the love/relationship department - I seemed to chase after guys who weren’t into me and totally block the guys who were in love with me. After the final session of doing the Relationship clearing with Naweia, literally that same night, I met up with a man (who I thought was just a friend) who wanted to date me, had a vision for our future, truly saw me for who I was and would do anything to be with me. And it didn’t stop there. That same week I was proposed to by another man who wanted to travel the world with me. I couldn't believe what was happening. I felt like she made me a MAGNET for LOVE and to men! Now I am in a loving, healthy amazing relationship and have released blocks in our intimacy and communication I never thought was possible. My experience with Naweia opened a world of options and opportunity in love - now Love is fun for me! I am confident and free to be myself.


 I was skeptical of this kind of thing and didn't believe that something that seemed so simple could fix what I was seeking medical help for. I had always struggled with regular menstruation and was frustrated when I would wait sometimes over 6 months for my cycle to begin again. Naweia offered to help and because of the immediate results I continued my work with her. The very next day I got my period! I knew it  was no coincidence and her practice was legitimate. She has since been able to help with other issues and I continue doing clearings with her routinely. 


About 3 months prior to removing my IUD, I was experiencing pain during intimacy. I figured it was my IUD, so in an effort to rid my pain, I had it removed in Sept 2017. Since the removal, I was still experiencing pain during intimacy, more specifically, my cervix. What I didn't mention in my call with Naweia, is that I'd also been having ovary pain whenever I went to the bathroom or even just when I'd bend at the hip. Every time I went to the bathroom I had a throbbing pain in my uterus/with my ovaries. I was definitely skeptical and insanely anxious leading up to our phone call (I live in MA). I wasn't sure what I was even getting myself into, to be quite honest. As the call progressed, I was shocked at everything Naweia brought up. Things I would've never guessed would still have an effect on me TODAY, years later.  She recommended that I focus on love and gratitude over the next day or so, as everything she cleared was processing out of me. The next day, I noticed that I wasn't experiencing the ovary pain (which I hadn't even told her about) ... That night, my love and I had an amazing intimate session with no pain. The following day, still no pain in either my ovaries or cervix during intimacy. What the actual?! I have no words that could possibly express the amount of gratitude & love that I have for Naweia. All of this ... after just ONE session. Life changing is an understatement. Naweia - my love and I thank you for your pure & kind heart. Your gift is a true treasure. You are changing and will continue to change the world for the better. Mahalo nui loa!


“I worked with Naweia on healing really unexplained sexual pain..I went to so many doctors as I was growing up, and really all they could come up with was a nerve sensitivity that affected .01% of the population. It’s gotten better through the years, but I still experienced dull pain in different positions. I was getting all kinds of frustrated because this is something that’s supposed to feel good. When I spoke to Naweia and she explained energy clearing on it, I felt like it was such a blessing because I was running out of options and patience, really. 

The day after she did her work, I didn’t know yet but I had the best sex with my lover. Sheets wet, happy and full. I kept looking at him, like why is this so good right now? He’s seen me go through a lot of pain. I brushed it off to ovulation and clearing of a disagreement. But then I saw the email Naweia sent me with all the clearings she did the night prior. She touched all my major relationships and family trauma. Im super thankful for her putting her love and energetic know-how into the space, where I really didn’t know what else to do. Many thanks my dear."


“I feel like the fog has been lifted. have my vitality and passion for life back. What no longer serves will fall away. Naweia has been an angelic spirit on my way through shedding layers, and she makes healing feel easy and natural. She will remind you what you already have within you, and facilitate your growth. Welcome light!”


Naweia had helped a friend of mine with chronic pain. I had been struggling with an eating disorder for six years and I loved how I was able to call her and talk about what I was going through in what felt like a safe, private space for me. I felt like she could understand where I was coming from.  She accepted where I was at and helped me to identify and release the imbalances I had been battling with for years. At first I was unsure if what she did would work… part of me had resigned to coping. But I knew she had helped my friend and then her hope for me was contagious. She didn’t ask a lot of questions, or if she did they were simple and direct, but she went ahead and did her work, pulling back layers. Some days after sessions I felt heavy and tired, but was nevertheless exited for our next meeting. I had tried other methods before but this time I actually felt like we were getting somewhere. After we had completed the sessions I can say my emotional health is a completely new landscape. I don't even feel like I’m navigating the same playing field. I still have normal issues and fallbacks, but no breakdowns like I used to. I am confident and healthy and feeding myself well.  I feel safe and at peace with my body. I still haven’t even met Naweia in person, but can thank her for changing everything, and being there so consistently. I can definitely recommended her practice and plan on working with her in other areas the future. Energy is real, what she does actually works. ”​


"Committing to myself and doing the inner work with Naweia has made all the difference. I am now experiencing a joy, and a realness <3 I never knew was possible in this life because I decided to dive into this art of healing.”



"I have never experienced love to be this effortless, this easy, this magical.. and my story with love was only fear and pain in the past. Naweia taught me things about frequency that immediately clicked. We got very clear. We looked at my patterns, my ancestral lines,  subconscious beliefs and the desires of my heart! Three months later and I am more loved, admired, adored  and supported than I knew was possible. I am smiling now just thinking about how far I have come. Thank you Naweia for your gift."   



 Naweia is an amazing human! I am so grateful for her help and support. Absolutely a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend working with her. She is professional kind and compassionate. 


Naweia worked with me on my energy patterns surrounding love and relationships. She worked with me on breaking down my heart wall, and changing my beliefs around love and what it means to me. I was in a relationship at the time that we started my sessions, and by the second session I knew with no doubts that it was time for me to leave the relationship I was in and start in a new direction. I have been liberated and not only

am I happier, but I am dating a handful of great amazing guys. Everything that Naweia and I manifested together has come to me in more abundance than I even knew possible. The results are immediate, and honestly, every guy I've met has been so into me it’s crazy. I could not be more grateful and elated about the place that I am in right now! Love you 


When I first met Naweia she had a spark about her that reawakened a playfulness in me I had long forgotten. I have worked with many energy healers and life coaches and Naweia is the best, truly - the influx of energy and uplevelings after sessions with her are potent and immediate. She helped me back into my heart space and my broken family relationships have transformed. Thank you


The Body Code is amazing, it is a gift from God, and Naweia is an angel. It is surprising to me Naweia that you are so young and yet learning but carry this endless stream of ancient wisdom. You honor the will and intent of your clients and in working with you I felt legions of unseen support. Ancestral guidance. I approached you to find relief from deep, heavy feelings of lack and unworthiness.. Money problems and seriously needed this. I thought I would be living a completely different life financially. I'm 43 & never found another way. The Emotion Code helped me with other things before but I had never tried the Body Code, or experienced the kind of work you do on abundance belief systems.  It was shocking to me how much ancestral emotion I held and how many beliefs I clung to that made my life more difficult. Life after release is CLEAR! After our first session I noticed I carried my body differently.  Two months now and I'm at a new job I love.  My income has actually doubled.  Most importantly the anxiety is 95% gone, money feels warm and I've aligned with a greater abundance of spiritual support. You should charge way more. Your innocence and youth, wow. Peace little warrior. 


Naweia and I meet at a women’s Ecstatic Dance in Salt Lake City, Utah. I felt so drawn and inspired to do an energy clearing with her. I am so happy she could sit with me and find exactly what I needed to be cleared out of my life! Some old beliefs and some carried trauma that is free from holding me back in my life thanks to her! Such a blessing to be connected with her and her gifts! Thank you so much Naweia! Much love!


 I met her at dance and she has changed my life!


WOW!! It has been a long time since I have felt blown away by a session! I experienced an intro session to Naweia’s work with the emotion & body code. This work is so valuable & I am honestly experiencing so many beautiful waves since our session this morning. I HIGHLY recommend this beautiful healer if you are having difficulty with cutting cords & releasing contracts around relationships. She shed light on some subconscious beliefs that I didn’t even realize I was still carrying around! Deeply embedded beliefs, such as:

* It’s not okay to have or enjoy physical intimacy 

* I’m capable of loving freely (cutting cords around what was blocking this truth) 

* Its safe for me to say what I need (also blocked)

And many more old contracts & vows I had made that I am ready to release. 

 Book a session with her. Seriously! 


 The moment I saw Naweia’s website - I knew I wanted to work with her- I felt such magic! I first experienced Naweia’s work at an intro session level~ the work was much more simple than I had imagined; although it goes very deep into specific timelines where you have held emotions in. I love the Ease and convenience of her sessions. It has brought another level of awareness into my body. Since the first intro session, I partnered with Naweia with superfood nutrition ~ I have been doing abundance clearings with her frequently. It has allowed me to put myself out there in greater ways that feel aligned with my purpose. My relationship to money has begun to heal- & the abundance I am able to receive has increased. I feel much more confident in my own business! I am excited to feel the shift with each layer released.

10/10 recommend her work.


Working with Naweia over the last couple years has been such a blessing in my life & has aided in my overall health. A couple of our sessions were dedicated to heart health & clearing my heart wall. After each session I could feel my heart wall & defense mechanisms gently releasing. Today my heart feels healthy, alive, and strong. Naweia has been so influential in my heart recovery. We were also able to clear energies of abandonment & shame from a very young age. Working with Spirit & her modalities Naweia was able to uncover so many energies that I had buried away for such a long time. I love working with this beautiful woman!

I recommend on the most high.


Naweia provides a powerful space of clearing that allows me to experience energetic shifts the moment our sessions begin.  Her level of care and intention helps me explore my emotions and recognize how they are affecting my disposition. Her sessions have helped me identify and release what isn't suiting me so I can move forward with the things that matter most.  Her work convinces me that I am fully deserving and able to have abundance in any area of my life.  Naweia's presence alone is worth the experience. She radiates beauty throughout!”


 I was skeptical of this kind of thing and didn't believe that something that seemed so simple could fix what I was seeking medical help for. I had always struggled with regular menstruation and was frustrated when I would wait sometimes over 6 months for my cycle to begin again. Natalie offered to help and because of the immediate results I continued my work with her. The very next day I got my period! I knew it  was no coincidence and her practice was legitimate. She has since been able to help with other issues and I continue to see her routinely. 


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