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Entering the realm of the spirit through altered states of awareness often leads us to realms where nurturing support and facilitation is needed. I have worked with individuals in retreat, private and clinical settings who are preparing for and integrating the healing experience of plant medicine ceremonies. In the proper setting and context plant medicines are life changing, deep transformative experiences and I would be honored to help you prepare and/or integrate your personal experience. I've worked extensively with and grown a number of these medicines and have a deep spiritual commitment to assist you in receiving the magic and messages they have waiting for you. Some of the plants I am experienced with are the grandmother teacher (known as Ayahuasca), Iboga (the truth medicine from Gabon, associated with addiction therapy Ibogaine), psilocybin (psychedelic mushroom), and Huachuma (or the San Pedro cactus). Across the board, the work I offer facilitates the grounding in, the understanding, and the implementation of the lessons received with the medicine. I believe emotional and subconscious support is essential to maximize the therapeutic benefit of sitting with any of these plant teachers.


This package includes a series of five (1 hour) sessions  that may be used at any time, no time limit. They may also be applied to drum, shamanic & sound journeys. 

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