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The Heart Wall Clearing is one of the most powerful approaches to clearing blocks to love, success and creativity and has created massive changes in my clients lives (myself included). Yet for many people there are deeper impediments to creating a relationship that works. Many people grow up with poor role models for love and relating, are still unconsciously closed to love, feel undeserving, or struggle with conflict resolution skills, or communicating needs & boundaries. Many people wake up and wonder, "Why am I not in a relationship yet?" or "I thought I would be happily married with children by now! What is wrong with me?"  The resonating relationships program addresses the energetic imbalances and subconscious programming underneath all of these areas.



If you can relate to any of this, it is important to note that there is NOTHING wrong with YOU! It is the programs and energetic templates we carry around love & relationships recreate your difficulties. When your computer is malfunctioning, all you have to do is take it in for a tune up, or upgrade the programsthe same can be said about your subconscious mind. 


This package applies to: 

  • Those currently in a relationship desiring to improve harmony &  interpersonal dynamics

  • Those in unhappy/ unhealthy cycles who are ready for them to END 

  • Those who are single and wishing to have a relationship that feels AMAZING

  • This also applies to those who would like to improve any relationship(s) in general (i.e. father/daughter; coworkers; boss/employee(s), etc.) 

What is included in the Resonating Relationships Package?

  • The first session is a evaluation of: 

    • Childhood/ family background and development of relational patterns 

    • Current relational roadblocks/ cycles designated to address 

    • What is uniquely important to YOU in a relationship (how would you like to be treated, how would you like to feel, how would you like to give & receive love most easily?) 

    • We identify ​the 'mode' you are currently operating from (connection, stagnation, isolation)

      • i.e., Connection mode: 12% ​/ Stagnation mode: 76% / Isolation mode: 12% 

      • (Above is an example of what you might expect to see playing out in the subconscious mind of someone who "wants to connect," but is terrified of dating and therefore spends time with friends, family, socializes in groups, but largely avoids any movement in the love & relationships arena altogether. 

    • We identify any energetic cords/ contracts/ vows lingering from past relationships. 

  • Lastly, we begin to identify exactly what subconscious programs are telling your story around love & relationships.  This first session sets the grid for the remaining work we will do in the next four sessions. The session lasts 45 min & is very in-depth & insightful.

Throughout the remaining four sessions (2-5), we go to work!!!

  • In these sessions we are clearing: 

    • Everything we began to identify in the evaluation session​, using the Body Code & intuitive kinesiology.

    • Energetic cords, Contracts, and Vows

      • Cords are connections that get in the way of attracting a new partner (where you may still be energetically connected to someone in your life in an unhealthy way)

      • Contracts are agreements you made with another person or spirit that may be ending or coming to a close with your healing and evolution

      • Vows are commitments you make in your conscious or subconscious mind ( i.e., "I will never get married again," or "I will never love anyone like I loved Tom")

    • Trapped emotions (shared compounds, absorbed frequencies, etc.)

    • Ancestral energies, templates & patterns (that often repeat themselves generationally) 

    • Idea allergies (I.e. your body can be physically ill-at-ease with concepts such as 'connection', 'changing unhealthy dynamics' or 'being deserving') We get to the root of these allergies and remove them.

    • We get clear on all kinds of Positive Subconscious beliefs that nurture & sustain a healthy & fulfilling relationship - meaning, we re-align your subconscious with beliefs like, "I am worthy of love" and "It is safe to be loved & valued" .... 100%!

    • We also clear and DELETE the Negative Subconscious Beliefs that are persisting and narrating your love story (for example, "I am not good enough to be loved" or "I will be abandoned.")


Once they are cleared, these programs can no longer play out in your life. 

**Please note that although most people can and do make amazing shifts during these four sessions, more than four sessions may be required to achieve ALL of your relationship goals. 


Altogether you receive: 

  • One in-depth evalution (45 min)

  • Four clearing sessions, tailored to your specific needs. (30 min) You can schedule these sessions as close together (time wise) or as far apart as you would like.  

  • Emailed session logs (detailing what we covered in our sessions) 

  • Our Bowl of Light Relationships Companionship Inventory

    • (an optional weekly guide you can use with your partner for a stronger romantic relationship)

You WILL be given (optional) homework assignments towards the last two sessions -


One of these is writing down details about your "dream" partner and relationship: 

What qualities does this individual have? How do you feel when you are around them? How would you like them to support you/ show up in your life? How would you like to be able to support them? What kinds of activities would you like to enjoy together?  


These are examples of the kinds of things we get very clear on, and then test to see whether your subconscious mind is really calling that kind of individual in. I am constantly surprised with how many individuals I work with who say they are READY for their "dream guy" (for example), but subconsciously they only feel safe with someone like their father! (who may be wonderful, but not the person you want to marry). 


Through Emotional Kinesiology, we release the cycles you are done repeating and also make sure your subconscious mind is 100% aligned, worthy and aligned to attract the partner you deserve. Don't be too surprised when they appear! ✨

**Additional sessions under the package umbrella (for deeper relationships issues are 77.7USD) 



Testimonials & Reviews on Love/Relationships  


"WOW!! It has been a long time since I have felt blown away by a session! This work is so valuable & I am honestly experiencing so many beautiful waves since our session this morning. I HIGHLY recommend this beautiful healer if you are having difficulty with cutting cords & releasing contracts around relationships. She shed light on some subconscious beliefs that I didn’t even realize I was still carrying around! Deeply embedded beliefs, such as:

* It’s not okay to have or enjoy physical intimacy 

* I’m capable of loving freely (cutting cords around what was blocking this truth) 

* Its safe for me to say what I need (also blocked) And many more old contracts & vows I had made that I am ready to release. Book a session with her. Seriously!"

- Katie, Salt Lake City UT

"When I first met Natalie she had a spark about her that reawakened a playfulness in me I had long forgotten. I have worked with many energy healers and life coaches and Natalie is the best, truly - the influx of energy and uplevelings after sessions with her are potent and immediate. She helped me back into my heart space and my broken family relationships have transformed. Thank you"

- Veronica, Salt Lake City UT, Love & Relationships Package 


"Natalie worked with me on my energy patterns surrounding love and relationships. She worked with me on breaking down my heart wall, and changing my beliefs around love and what it means to me. I was in a relationship at the time that we started my sessions, and by the second session I knew with no doubts that it was time for me to leave the relationship I was in and start in a new direction. I have been liberated and not only am I happier, but I am dating a handful of great amazing guys. Everything that Natalie and I manifested together has come to me in more abundance than I even knew possible. The results are immediate, and honestly, every guy I've met has been so into me it’s crazy. I could not be more grateful and elated about the place that I am in right now! Love you"

- Tori Brooklyn, California, Love & Relationships Package 

"I have never experienced love to be this effortless, this easy, this magical.. and my story with love was only fear and pain in the past. Natalie taught me things about frequency that immediately clicked. We got very clear. We looked at my patterns, my ancestral lines,  subconscious beliefs and the desires of my heart! Three months later and I am more loved, admired, adored  and supported than I knew was possible. I am smiling now just thinking about how far I have come. Thank you Natalie for your gift."

- Fae, Love & Relationships Package


"The day after she did her work, I didn’t know yet but I had the best sex with my lover. Sheets wet, happy and full. I kept looking at him, like why is this so good right now? He’s seen me go through a lot of pain. I brushed it off to ovulation and clearing of a disagreement. But then I saw the email Natalie sent me with all the clearings she did the night prior. She touched all my major relationships and family trauma. Im super thankful for her putting her love and energetic know-how into the space, where I really didn’t know what else to do. Many thanks my dear."

- Masha 

"I always struggled in the love/relationship department - I seemed to chase after guys who weren’t into me and totally block the guys who were in love with me. After the final session of doing the Relationship clearing with Natalie, literally that same night, I met up with a man (who I thought was just a friend) who wanted to date me, had a vision for our future, truly saw me for who I was and would do anything to be with me. And it didn’t stop there. That same week I was proposed to by another man who wanted to travel the world with me. I couldn't believe what was happening. I felt like she made me a MAGNET for LOVE and to men! Now I am in a loving, healthy amazing relationship and have released blocks in our intimacy and communication I never thought was possible. My experience with Natalie opened a world of options and opportunity in love - now Love is fun for me! I am confident and free to be myself."

- Lindsay, Oahu, Love & Relationships Package 



"My relationship with my dad had been difficult for as long as I can remember. I love him, but I could barely stand to be in the same room as him without leaving in tears. In my first session with Natalie she identified many of the emotions I held within myself as related to my dad, though I didn’t need to expound as we cleared them out. I knew I was hesitant to begin healing such a deep rooted issue. I had some pretty wicked dreams the night after that first session, reliving moments of my childhood, with my dad, where I understood the exact moments my insecurities started. Some of those dreams were when I was 8 years old. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the first step towards making peace with my dad, and with myself. Fast forward to my next session with Natalie where I told her about these crazy things that were happening and instead of running away from them like I normally would have, we delved deeper. Session after session, we slowly unraveled all of my negative memories and began to replace them with nourishing and loving emotions. From the beginning, I told Natalie I wanted a secure and loving relationship with my dad. I wanted to love him for who he is, and not just because he’s my dad. I wanted to simply be able to hold a conversation with him. To hug him. To make him laugh and let him make me laugh without feeling annoyed. To cry with/to him when things are hard, instead of hiding away from him. The other day, my dad and I had the most meaningful, deep, genuine and honest two hour conversation with ZERO yelling and crying. For the first time in my life. I feel whole again. I never thought I could have this relationship with my dad, but here I am - 3 months after with my first session with Natalie - and we go on daily walks together, cry with each other after unexpected deaths, talk about our dreams (which i was always petrified to share with him), call him just to say ‘hope you have a good day dad! love you!’, and many many more things which I now cherish."

- Brooke, Father/Daughter Relationship

Thank you for expanding your horizons and I am exited to work together!      - Natalie


Questions? Get in touch. 

Thanks! Message sent.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words,
and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness
and to that freedom for all.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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