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Welcome sis!

We are diving into an 11-day detox and women's retreat in the beautiful island of Ko Phangan, Thailand. If you have ever considered doing a detox and didn't know where to begin, or have been waiting for the perfect opportunity, we have teamed up to bring you the art of fasting in the most transformative and memorable way. Not only will we be nestled in a boutique beachfront sanctuary, accompanied by the incredible healing amenities, but we will be moving through the alchemical work of becoming empty within an intimate circle of women. Sacred Sisterhood & Our Bowl of Light have created a holistic approach to detoxification, combining yoga, meditation, emotional empowerment tools and nourishing connection. Join us in rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit as you cleanse and release toxins, boost your energy levels, and dreamweave your most aligned present and future.

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It's not every day that we give our internal organs the space to cleanse, empty and restore. Together we are realizing the power of becoming empty, purifying and rejuvenating the inside of our temples as well as the emotional and mental space. We'll be tapping into the feminine power of magnetism when clearing our physical vessels. While our vital organs receive the flush and the rest of a lifetime, we receive daily yoga, meditations, hot & cold therapy, energy healing and massage. In women's circle, we will be excavating the mysteries of feminine abundance, visioning our collective future together, and deepening the global web of sacred sisterhood. This is a journey of renewal and amplification of the entire feminine vessel, mind body and soul. We come together as women to hold each other and ourselves in the most nourishing, self-affirming embrace. We look forward to supporting you & ensuring this 11-day fast be a life-changing experience. 

Why fasting?







What's included

The 11 Nights Complete Detox program includes 2 days of pre-cleanse, 7 days of fasting and colon cleansing and 2 days of post-cleanse. This holistic program offers extensive guidance while preparing the body for the fast, and provides extra support and food integration following the fasting period. We have also included an (optional, but recommended) anti parasite treatment and Liver + Gallbladder flush. 

11 Day Detox

  • 2 Pre-cleanse days

  • 7 Fasting days

  • 2 Post-cleanse days

  • Anti parasite treatment (optional)

  • Liver + Galbladder cleanse (optional)

  • Daily yoga classes (Up to 2)

  • Meditation class Monday-Friday

  • Beachside access to the island waters

  • Herbal steam room

  • Infrared sauna and ice bath 

  • 2 x 60-minute Traditional Thai massages

  • 1 x 60-minute Reiki Holistic Healing Treatment

  • 1 Private health assessment and consultation

  • Probiotic implant 

  • Post-detox information and guidelines for gradually reintroducing foods 

  • Facilitation and support in your own personal journey 

  • Women's Circle Alchemy 

  • Emotional empowerment, Kinesiology, EFT tapping and manifestation workshops 

  • Use of Stand-Up Paddleboards


  • 2 Liver Flush drinks: a potent mixture of fresh orange juice, lime juice, garlic, ginger, extra virgin olive oil, and a dash of cayenne

  • 2 Alkalising meals: 1 fruit salad and 1 vegetable salad to be selected from our special pre-cleanse menu

  • 2 x 2 Capsules of Chomper intestinal cleanser, to soften and break up accumulated waste material in the intestinal tract

  • 1 Fresh coconut per day 

  • 1 Fresh juice per day

  • 1 Herbal tea per day 

  • 1 Elixir per day


  • 4 Detox drinks per day: a mixture of bentonite clay and psyllium husk

  • 4 x 2 Capsules per day of nutritional green superfood supplements

  • 4 x 2 Capsules per day of Chomper intestinal cleanser

  • 1 Probiotic implant capsule per day

  • 1 Fresh coconut water per day

  • 1 Herbal tea per day

  • 1 Healthy vitamin- and mineral-rich detox soup per day

  • 1 Daily elixir per day

  • 1 Fresh juice on the 3rd day of fasting

  • Daily Wellness meeting for guidance and support throughout the program

  • Introduction, explanation, and demonstration on the colema process

  • Up to 2 self-administered colemas per day

  • Private colema equipment

  • Colema additive options: coffee, apple cider vinegar, or garlic

  • Filtered water for the colemas


  • On the morning you break your fast, we provide you with a probiotic implant to replenish the good bacteria

  • Break-the-fast option, selected from the break-the-fast section of our detox menu (Post-cleanse 1st day). Choose  between our delicious and highly nutritious: papaya bowl, plant medicine smoothie, raw spirulina and cucumber soup or raw coconut soup  

  • 2 Alkalising meals per day from the award-winning Orion Café, with lots of nutrients and fibers: selected from the post-cleanse section of our special detox menu (Inclusive of Break-the-fast option)

  • 1 Fresh coconut per day 

  • 1 Fresh juice/elixir per day

Your Team 

Audrey and Naweïa connected over a shared love and passion for the power of sisterhood. In their respective communities, they felt the need and started women's circles and realized the importance of women gathering, witnessing one another, and dreamweaving our collective future.  They both traveled to Ko Phangan to fast, cleanse, and 11-day detox in 2023. Though both have organized and facilitated many retreats in the past, they came together on the New Year and it was very clear that women needed a space created to do this powerful and transformative work. Cleansing can bring up a lot emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically, and both Audrey and Naweïa saw a space where the power of circle accelerated the magic of transformation. They bring their combined history in circle service, sisterhood, and women's retreats for this unique healing container in beautiful Ko Phangan! 


The location

Orion Healing Center is located on the tropical paradise of Koh Phangan in Thailand, surrounded by blissful nature, white sand beaches, and calm waters. The property will reconnect you to your energy and truth through its nature, peace and harmony.


From the saltwater infinity pool to the ice bath and herbal steam, to the daily workshops and yoga classes, to the on-site massages, you will be supported as you cleanse and purify your body from the inside out.


Legend has it - Koh Phangan is situated on an ancient bed of crystal quartz, and this powerful foundation is what makes the island a site of healing and abundant energy!

What you'll experience as part of this retreat 


Purify the bloodstream + lymph

Cleanse the body of toxins 

Weight alleviation

Increase mental clarity, concentration and creativity

Rejuvenate and clarify skin  

Reduce risk of chronic pain & disease

Cleanse the bowel + improve digestion 

Increase longevity

Reduce blood pressure 

Improve athletic performance

Inspire spiritual evolution

Reduce inflammation 

Clear Gallbladder stones & parasites 

Clear Candida 

Strengthen brain function & productivity

Alleviate pain & chronic fatigue


Deeper connection to your body and your purpose

Awareness of your true body needs

Regulate your nervous system and experience quantum healing with EFT tapping & clear ancestral trauma with kinesiology 

Heightened confidence and embodied highest potential 

Spaciousness to tap into your unique gifts and power

Connection with a powerful global sisterhood who have witnessed you in your most powerful vulnerable moments of transformation

Awaken divine feminine codes of abundance and trust 

Activate in your divine mission and ready to spread your magic

Tap into deeper connection to the wisdom of your womb and your inner intelligence

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Private: 2800USD


+ any platform payment fees

*transportation to and from Orion/Koh Phangan not included, however we are here to help orchestrate your transport smoothly!



Shared room: 2600USD

2-person room, limited availability 

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Tel: +1 (512) 653-9380


Tel: +1 (808) 320-0035


Welcome to the circle 🤍

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