• Natalie Christina

Full Moon Blessings

I feel so in flow as a woman! Being able to bless one another, lay hands on one another, hug the earth and ask for divine feminine love & guidance — I took one sip of beet juice yesterday and immediately felt my first moon drops leave me... the cycles are so active, I feel so alive & in rhythm with nature..

Coming from a background where religious ‘blessings’ are taught to be done a certain way -and while I appreciate the strength in tradition - I also believe that we have room to create, bless, pray and to connect to spirit however we please.

The more I meditate on spirit and even written scripture, I see how liberally we are encouraged to bless all around us.

The more creative, the more memorable, the more intentional the ritual, the better! Bless in the way that holds the most power for you.

For me, I feel my power rise when I express my devotion to the signs. I feel my energy rise and fall with the cycles of the moon. I already feel so blessed, when feel my buzzer go off, I re-commit to act in service. The more I dedicate myself to life, the more power and blessing can flow through me.

Last night my friend Madeleine came over and asked if we might do a blessing over her new van home she is building, during the full moon. (Maybe you have noticed this naturally, but the energy is more potent and powerful during this time of the month). Having been raised faithfully Christian I was taught that giving blessings was a man’s job, so I can understand why a woman’s blessings may strike a chord of concern in these circles. For reflection: Do you ever feel the reverberations of statements like ‘witchcraft’ & ‘dark magic’, echoing down your ancestral lines? How do you relate to them, and what arises?

Personally I felt shame, silence, conflict and an inability to relate to my intuition until I read into the history. Harsh judgements cost many women their lives, and cost the world much light and balance. So that fear based mentality ended with me. All white witches welcome ;)

Have you ever heard the saying, less is more? I don’t know where that came from, but in India they say, “more is more”. MORE IS MORE. Bless more, infuse more goodness, share your heart and soul with the world!

Call it in. Ask to be blessed. Bless those who are close to you daily. Invoke blessings as creatively and authentically as you can until you FEEL it in the spoken word.