Emotion Code Package

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique designed to help users identify and literally release Trapped Emotions...

Body Code Package

The Body Code method aids in identifying and correcting energy imbalances causing all kinds of physical and emotional problems... 

Heart Wall Package

Clear the layers of emotional energies that build up around the heart space over the course of a lifetime, known as the "heart wall"...

Abundance Package

Clear blocks to abundance in all areas in life, series of 5 sessions addressing ancestral patterns, goal setting and alignment, high speed work towards manifestation.

Relationships Package

Thrive in happiness and love in your relationships, series of 5 sessions. Cord cutting, subconscious vows & patterns. Get clear on what you are calling in, get aligned and re-pattern subconscious template for love and relationships. 

Medicine Integration

Pre and post medicine integration support; includes the emotion code, the body code and three dimensional therapy 

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